Why is the Marine Corps band not wearing red jackets?

To know why Marine Corps band not wearing red jackets we need to study the past history of Marine Corps. President Andrew Jackson’s in 1834 wishes that marine uniforms return to the green and white worm during the revolutionary war. In 1837 the Army practice of wearing stripes the same color as uniform jacket facings. After two years president Jackson left the office Colonel Henderson ordered the uniform is dark blue coats faced red.

The stripes were changed again to solid red in 1849. Marine officers and NCOs sustained an unusually high casualty rate during the battle. Finally In 1849, uniform regulations dictated that the stripes be changed to a solid red in honor of the numerous Marine deaths. 

That was the reason why Marine Corps band not wearing red jackets for some time period now marine band musicians wear scarlet full dress coat, blue trousers with a red and white stripe. Also white hats covers with gold now a Marine Corps symbols.

What is a blood stripe in Marine Corps Uniforms?

Actually the term blood stripe is a scarlet strip which is worn down outside the leg of trousers on the dress uniform of US Marine Corps. It is 2 inches (5.1 cm) and for general officers 1 ½ inches (3.8 cm) and for other non commissioned officers 1 1/8 inches (2.9 cm). Marine band members wear this traditional red stripe with a white stripe in the center.

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